Thursday, October 1, 2009

California Sunset

I feel that this digital rendering doesn't really do my painting justice, but it is the best attempt I could make at capturing the romance of a California sunset. On a recent trip to Southern California, I was struck by how crowded and fast-paced life is there, but when I saw the sunset out of a tour bus window, I understood why so many people call the Golden State home.

The iconic palm trees immediately say "California" with all of the images that conjures up: surfing, sunshine, beaches, Hollywood, glamour, fun, and the West Coast vibe. And to think that the sun is racing around the world, saying goodbye to the beaches of Orange County, with Japan the next stop just adds to the breathtaking romance.

This picture is definitely flawed technically, with some sloppy blending around the sun and also in the sun's reflection on the water, but I think that the textured element of the sky adds some interest, and I'm also happy with the colour palette.
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  1. Hi Eric;
    I's also a pretty decent a composition. With a little more practice your paintings will rock!