Friday, October 2, 2009

The Reason For This Blog

Thank you for visiting. I have been dabbling in watercolour painting ever since taking an evening course in 2004. Since then I have tried to devote time to it intermittently, sometimes buying books and a few tubes of paint here and there. Overall I'm not satisfied with my skill level; I feel I'm really not able to express myself adequately. However, despite the fact that it's not easy (watercolour painting is an unforgiving art form), I have come to realize that the key to being excellent is no more complicated than spending many hours honing your art form. Unromantic but true.

Therefore, I am trying not to simply dabble in art anymore and take it more seriously, investing the time and effort it deserves. I may not ever be a great artist, but hopefully one day I will be a real artist.

This blog is an invitation to share and critique my art work so far. If you feel it's a mess, please tell me but I only ask that you tell me why. If you think it's good, then tell me why but please just be honest. I'm just looking to join a community of artists who have the nerve to let me know what they really think. Art is kind of a solitary pastime but I think that my work could really benefit from some feedback from people in the know. Enjoy!

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